Communicating with Parents

Planning for the what if is a big part of EOTC. That is why clear communication pathways with parents is paramount. Parents need to be informed in writing if there is any off site activity or activity that is beyond the usual means of the school curriculum. There are a couple of different consent forms that can be used to communicate with parents.


Blanket consent: in the usual realm of the classroom or school grounds. Schools may get parents to sign off a blanket consent at the start of the year for these types of things.

Separate consent: these need to be adhered to when the activity:

  • is a non-routine event
  • adventure activity
  • hazardous environment
  • overseas trip
  • other residential trips
  • remote supervision
parental consent and risk disclosure
Medical consent and health information
Transport consent and safety 
Early return agreement
Emergency contact
Students’ contact with parents¬†

Parental consents are completed for each individual in the group.