Shared Responsibility 

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the health and safety of participants in EOTC and for making sure the learning outcomes are met. They have the overall responsibility but delegate the responsibilities down so that everyone has a specific role.  EOTC guidelines chapter two has a great analogy of a waka of responsibility. I have linked it below because I think it is a fantastic resource for showing how responsibility can be split for a safe and effective programme

EOTC-Chapter 2 (1)

The waka shows how different people have different roles to direct, steer, propel, stabilise and support the direction of the waka by different groups of people. These different groups of people are;

  • The person in charge
  • The activity leaders
  • The assistants
  • The EOTC co-ordinator
  • The Board of Trustees and Principal
  • The Government
  • The National bodies
  • The EOTC management system


Each one of these groups have a different role to play under these three headings:

  • Staff competence and best practice
  • Health and safety
  • Equipment and resources

These are all outlined in the EOTC guidelines link further above.