Welcome back to School

Welcome back!

It had been a whole year since I had stepped foot in a school, let teach a class! But here I was privileged enough to be awarded a position as a new entrant teacher at Ashgrove School starting for term two of 2016 Thank goodness I already know the school and some of the teachers! Today marks week five, of term two and I can’t quite comprehend how quickly it has gone! It has been my first chance that I have been able to look at my beginning teacher programme and decide to compile all of my evidence for meeting the graduating teacher criteria on this blog. Exciting stuff! I had to blow off the technology cobwebs as I hadn’t touched this blog since 2012 when I graduated university but it seems once you do something a couple of times it comes back fast!

So here goes, I am going to endeavour to post weekly reflective blogs on my teaching  and extra blog posts when the opportunity arises. This I hope will up skill my pedagogical practise and teaching as an inquiry approach. Plus of course give a range of resources and hopefully some good reading for my followers!


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